18" Hand Tossed Cheese Pizza & 20 Wings $31.99

About Us

Our Story

In the 1960's, a young man from Long Island, New York decided to leave a hospital as their Director of Food Services to go into business for himself. He decided to take his master-chef skills learned from apprenticing at 5-star resorts and hotels in the Pocono Mountains, as well as the Catskill Mountains and Lake George in New York. His mastery let him create,refine,and perfect a product enjoyed by so many still today. An American favorite - PIZZA. His first pizzeria, turned into two, then three, and eventually many pizzerias spanning from New York City, to Chicago, IL. During those times he crafted new recipes, Garlic Knots, the Sicilian square pie, the white pie, Calzones, Stomboli, the Chicago deep dish, and so many more, but never changed his original New York style pizza. The recipe is said to be a mix from an old Italian friend and a twist of his own making, but whatever it was, the taste and still stands today. Employees were hired, who eventually became life-long friends. There are stories of his kids when they were ages 5 or 6 in the pizzerias busing tables,using the cash register to check-out  customers and folding pizza boxes in the back. After a long run of successful corporation, George sold his restaurants to an investment firm.

After those stores were sold, he still had the food-bug and decided to buy a pizzeria in Saratoga Springs, New York. A saying goes, 'Once in the food business always in the food business' and his family was no exception. His three kids did not know better than to follow in their Dad's footsteps, and his youngest daughter learned everything she could about the business. The money, finance, food,buying, selling, customer service, marketing, but most importantly Vickie learned what was most important the guest. During her time at the Saratoga Pizzeria a young man caught her eye - he was the son and grandson of two of those early day employees from a time before. He was a delivery driver, she was managing the pizzeria and they were both in their late teens. Well, that relationship turned into a life of marriage, family and business venture. They grew up together, got smart together, and learned everything they could on how to be successful in the business. They opened their first pizzeria of their own in Mechanicville, New York, following Dad's path from the past they opened two, then three, at one point having five pizzerias in New York. (Lake George, Saratoga Springs, Mechanicville, Clifton Park and Saratoga Lake.) Faced with an oportunity to sell they decided it was time and moved to Florida. Today you can find Andy and Vickie and their 4 kids serving you in the same way as a generation past with a smile at their newest location, New York Pizza in Fleming Island, Florida. Like it was said before: ' Once in the food business always in the food business'. Come-in and enjoy Family, Friends and real New York Pizza

Our Guest

Our Guest is the most important person in our business. Our Guest are not dependent on us. We are dependent on them. Our Guest are not an interruption of our work. They are the purpose of it. Our Guest do us a favor when they come in. We are not doing them a favor by waiting on them. Our Guest are parts of our business - not outsiders. Our Guest come to us with needs and wants. It is our job to fill them. Our guest deserve to be treated like family, friends and get the best of us. Without our Guest we don't have a purpose. 

Our Staff

New York Pizza is blessed to have an awesome staff. Whether here for a short time or a life-time they become our family and friends. More importantly they develop great relationships with our guest. Without our great staff our guest probably wouldn't come back. Our staff is New York Pizza and we are thankful for the success they have made New York Pizza. Come-in and meet our staff with Family, Friends and Real New York Pizza.